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¿Qué hay de nuevo mis amigos?

4th July, 2004. 1:01 am. :)

I've decided I need to learn to be more serious....I am usually never serious and I think it's causing problems....for one thing when I am serious people still think I'm joking and it's quite annoying...but I guess I've made my own bed...lol...hmmm...but I hate being serious...hehe...that reminds me of a summer job I had as a waiter at some cafe....I was always joking, as usual, and my boss was in a pissy mood (as usual)...so I was saying something and he suddenly lost it and slammed his clip-board on the counter...papers flew everywhere and it got really quiet...then he yelled, "Are you ever fucking serious!" Hehe...what a stressed out dick he was...

So my day was kinda slow...I woke up late....read some chemistry notes (but I can't remember any of it)....then I sat in the sun and read for a while....lifted some weights (to lazy to run)...ate dinner....then I went out for a pint with a friend and came home really early cuz I don't want to spend money right now.....then I watched some tv...chatted with iain and sean in scotland, sebastian in korea, susan who lives about 15 mins away...lol...oh and cristian in finland....then everyone left pretty much at the same time and I got lonely....oh and my dad came down and ripped the sports section out of my "new york times" ...errrrr...i said he could so it's my own fault...hehe....but now it's difficult to read the thing...

Now I'm sitting in my room listening to some peter gabriel...live in italy.....some of his songs are kinda depressing.....in your eyes...blah...blah

Hmmm....you know I love that as a first name...Gabriel...yeah...Gabriel Wright...sounds good.....how about Gabriel Mackenzie Wright for a boy...and for a girl ummm *thinks*...Adine Kirsten Wright....

Oh it's getting late....I'm going to shower and then bed...hmmm...I hate showering and sleeping alone...lol

Current mood: lonely.

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3rd July, 2004. 3:15 pm. Hi hi

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That's all folks.

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2nd July, 2004. 1:07 am. More rambling :)

I've come to the conclusion that I am a terrible judge of character...well maybe not character...I think I make people out to be things they really are not...even with friends...I have an idea of what people are like in my head, but then something happens or I hear something that makes my impression totally wrong...I told you it's difficult to explain....I guess I feel that I really trust no one...except my immediate family (like parents and brothers)..but no one else....people lie, cheat, and deceive.....and judging people on the computer is even more difficult cuz you don't really know them at all...

Do we ever truly know people? I mean really know them? I don't think so and that kinda makes me a little disappointed. Not sad, cuz there's nothing I can do to change it...it's just life I guess....

Hmmmm....anyways, I know that all sounds really depressing, but I just had to get that off my mind.

Maybe I expect way too much from people...I mean people are just that...people...and they are far from perfect...I think I'm too judgemental...but whatever...lol....but there is nothing more sad than having something positive ruined...blah...blah...blah...

Oh and love is a major part of this to. I don't think I believe in love at all...you can say you love someone, but what does that really mean? I've never had actual proof that anyone has cheated on me before...but I have suspected that I have been cheated on(with some pretty good evidence)...so yeah...true love is bullshit and if someone gets a chance to cheat they probably will.....hmmm...that can't be right...there must be some extremely moral people out there that would never cheat on a loved one...I have never cheated and I don't think I ever would so I can't be alone...or maybe the word love is just thrown around too much with no real meaning...I dunno...I'm tired so I'm going to sleep now.

Current mood: disappointed.

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30th June, 2004. 10:22 pm. Heya

I'm in a good mood. Actually I usually am in a good mood so it's nothing new :) It was sunny today, my class was easy, I had coffee with some friends, my parents are being really nice (but they always are), and tomorrow is Canada Day (our nations bday) so it's a holiday (ie. an excuse for me not to study...although I really should).

Hmmm...other than that I don't have much to say... I often wonder if I have a natural form of prosac (spelling I dunno)...the drug that depressed people take...cuz I tend to be happy even when I have no real reason to be happy...maybe I'm insane...lol

I got home from uni class tonight at 9pm and no one was here! So I had to get burgers from the freezer and BarBQ my dinner. It was nice cuz I grabbed a bottle of my parents wine too...hehe....they won't care cuz they love me...what theirs is mine.

I guess that's all for now. Be happy. Be nice.


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28th June, 2004. 1:38 am. Hi

Well... I haven't done my daily disease in a few days...lol

So today we will look at asthma...read on Sarah..

Asthma is a condition in which the airways are narrowed because hyperactivity to certain stimuli produces inflammation; the airway narrowing is reversible.

Causes: asthma can be triggered by many stimuli such as pollens, dust, mites, animal dander, smoke, aaron (hehe), cold air, and exercise. During an attack the smooth muscles of the bronchi go into spasm, and the tissues lining the airways swell from inflammation and secrete mucus into the airways (ie. you can't breath).

Symptoms: Attacks very in frequency and severity. An attack may begin suddenly with wheezing and shortness of breath. Wheezing is particularly noticeable when the person breathes out. The person will usually notice shortness of breath, chest tightening, and coughing. The attack may last minutes or even days. Itching in the chest can also be an early indicator of a coming attack.

Treatment: asthma attacks should be treated immediately to open the airways. A mild attack can quickly become serious if not treated. Long term treatment involves identifying the triggers for attacks and avoiding these stimuli. Meter dosed inhalers should be carried by asthma sufferers to insure immediate treatment when symptoms first strike. In serious attacks, seek immediate medical attention.

There....all about asthma...now I'm off to bed.


Current mood: geeky.

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27th June, 2004. 6:41 pm. Errrrrrrr

So today I woke up and turned on my laptop and it was fucked!!! I don't know if I had a virus, but my operating system was wiped out. I had to use recovery disks, but I lost all my pics and data.....sucks!!!! it took me 2 hours to fix...I was so pissed off.

Other than that I have nada to say.


Current mood: angry.

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26th June, 2004. 11:51 pm. Blahhhh

I can't believe I'm sick!!!! I exercise, eat healthy (most of the time) and I get enough sleep...but still I get sick...and I felt really bad earlier..I thought I was gonna puke...but now I just have a headache and I feel really hot...oh and my neck hurts...I hope it's not meningitis! The perils of growing up in a medical family (when I'm sick I think I have some terrible illness)...

So I saw the new Harry P. movie yesterday...not bad...nothing to say about it really...

I was supposed to go watch some celtic band tonight but I couldn't...probably sucked anyways....and MAN IT'S HOT IN HERE!....lol...I should take my temp....but I'm too lazy and it'll just tell me what I already know...that I feel like shit!

Yes I whine even more when I'm sick than I normally do...hehe

Aggghh..I don't feel like writing anymore.

Current mood: sick.

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23rd June, 2004. 12:35 pm. Ho hum..

I love dreams...aren't they cool...last night I had an awesome dream that I was in the military in some elite group that flushed out snippers from buildings...seriously my dreams are that whacked...anyways, every now and then I would wake up, but when I fell back asleep the dream picked up where it had left off...totally cool...like a movie...before I had to finally wake up for class, I was under some stairs with another member of my group (someone I've never seen before in my life) and one of the snippers was coming down the stairs...we were gonna ambush him...lol

So yeah, wednesday...hmmm...I had a class this morning...now I have all this review to do for my MCAT class tonight from 6-9...crazy...blahhhhhhhhh...oh and of course it's raining out again...but I'm still in a good mood :)

I'm kinda addicted to a No Doubt song....It's My Life...I dunno why....but I can't stop listening to it..

I need to find more time to run...not cuz I'm getting fat, I'm too skinny and hyper for that...but cuz I just love the feeling after a long run...another addiction??? lol...good thing I don't use drugs!!

Ok...that's all I have to go..


Current mood: hyper.

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22nd June, 2004. 4:06 pm. What the???

So now they are chopping heads off Koreans in Iraq....the world is one crazy and sick place sometimes..It's like going back in time to the French Revolution or something..I kinda like my boring, but safe life...lol

The grocery store was awesome...hahaha...seriously it was....and like several girls were hitting on me (ok several was really 2...lol)...I thought it was just me cuz I have a bit of an ego, but my older brother noticed it too...hehe...maybe I just look friendly and they wanted to talk to me....who knows..actually my brother asked if I knew any of the girls and when I said no he was like, "what the hell? they were totally hitting on you." lol One was kinda cute too *smiles*

Yada yada yada....blah blah blah......I'm wasting time cuz I don't want to look at my physics notes........................

So I grabbed one of my Dad's medical books and I think I'm gonna learn a new disease everyday..hehe...isn't that just strange.....

Soooo todays disease is Wegener's Granulomatosis. It is an uncommon disease that often presents with an inflamation of the lining of the nose, sinuses, throat, or lungs.It may progress to include inflamation of the blood vessels throughout the body (generalized vasculitis) or fatal kidney disease. It can occur at any age. There are symptoms too, but I'm too lazy to type them. But..if you get severe nose bleeds often, middle ear infections, coughing up blood, fever, or chest pain then please seek medical attention ASAP...lol Treatment is only effective if caught early!

That's all...

Oh my cat was eating last night and she started to kinda freak and back up...so I went over and HOLY CRAP there was a HUGE (and I mean huge) wasp on the end of the bowl...I kinda freaked too cuz I hate flying things that sting! but anyways, I am a man so I killed it and saved my little cat...well it's actually my bros cat, but he moved out so he left it here...but I still saved her!

How to make a muchosbesospaul

5 parts pride

1 part brilliance

1 part instinct
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Serve with a slice of emotion and a pinch of salt. Yum!

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22nd June, 2004. 1:23 pm. Tons of useful stuff...

Ok not really anything useful...lol

Here's something kinda strange...I was walking through one of the parking lots at the university today and for some reason I was thinking of my friend Susan..I haven't seen her in almost 2 weeks...anyways, a few minutes later, as I was approaching the medical school, I heard "Paul!" and it was Susan :) So I walk over and she says, "I was just thinking about you." Isn't that strange??? We were both thinking about one another and then we meet....maybe it's not so strange...I dunno...lol...then we went for coffee and bitched about our lives, this crappy town, etc...it was fun :)

Nooooooooowwwww I should study...but my older brother is going to the grocery store and I think I wanna go too...after all I do love grocery stores....how could you not love them??? They are clean, pretty, and full of food!

I was chatting with a friend, Sebastian, last night on MSN...he lives in Korea right now...anyways, he starts telling me how they showed one of the Americans being beheaded in Iraq on Korean tv....I told him I didn't want to hear, but he kept going and it was REALLY sick...so I got pissed off and he said I'm too sensitive....like who the #@*! wants to hear about some poor guys head being chopped off????????? I don't think I'm too sensitive...I think some people are not sensitive enough....yeah...that's what I think. And who in the hell chops off peoples heads??? That's just so not right and really evil! Aaaaarrrrrrrrrr...

Ok...on that note I gotta go...grocery store awaits :)


Current mood: energetic.

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